2021 Events

Mindfulness, Meditation and Mental Health


In conjunction with World Mental Health Day, this workshop will focus on yoga and its impact on mental health, different types of mindfulness practices and an introduction to meditation. In more detail, you will learn:

  • To observe the language of your body, breath and mind which tells us when we are experiencing things like stress or anxiety
  • Several mindfulness practices and find out which ones you want in your mental health toolkit
  • An introduction to meditation based on the Eight Limbs of Yoga

There will also be time available for community discussion and Q&A at the end.

The ACT Lockdown has been extended to the 15th of October, meaning this workshop has shifted to an online format. It will be held via Zoom. All you will need is a comfortable seat for the duration and a stable internet connection. Anyone registering will receive a Zoom link and more information closer to the event.

Past Yoga with Sare Events

The Women’s Suburban Yoga Retreat

6 & 7 March 2021
Rise Studio Canberra
Unit 39, 1 Cowlishaw Street
Greenway, ACT 2914

“It was a wonderful yoga retreat with two excellent guest speakers. We had time to reflect on our goals, centre ourselves + practice mindfulness. I had a great time.” – Sandra.

“I came into this very distressed and I’ve come out of it extreamly relaxed and intouched with myself. Best meditations and yoga practice I’ve ever done!” – Kiarna.

Accessible Yoga: The Props Customisation Toolkit

20 February 2021
Balanced Yoga Studio
39 Jardine Street
Kingston, ACT 2604

“Great workshop. I will be able to access yoga poses which I have been unable to do. Looking forward to improving my practice.” Belinda.

“Sarah’s classes are amazing. Making yoga accessible to those of us with permanent injuries or persistent illness is invaluable. Breaking the stereotype of those who yoga must be skinny … in matching outfits is needed in more studios.” Jackie.

2019 Winter Yoga Suburban Escape

13 July 2019
Rise Studio Canberra
Unit 39, 1 Cowlishaw Street
Greenway, ACT 2900

“Fantastic event that provided a holistic approach to yoga. Added value to how I view and interact with yoga. It was an insightful and incredibly relaxing experience. Worth the time and money investment.” – Kathleen.

“Sarah is passionate and understanding. She knows more about you than you do and can help you get in touch with your inner self in ways you don’t know. Highly recommend!” – Hillary.

“I had a great and relaxing time. I learnt a lot and the little gifts and food were amazing – Thank you.” – Sarah K.

“Fantastic afternoon that would be enjoyable for everyone. From yoga novice to regular practitioner. Great for men or women, for anyone who wants a mini-break.” – Sam.