Group Classes

The following is a timetable overview of the average week for group classes and availability for other services.
The ‘What is Happening This Week?’ post is a weekly update, which is available on my Facebook page every Sunday evening for the week ahead. Any last minute changes to the group class timetable will be there.

For regular visitors to this page, here is your booking button (below) to save you time and you can head straight to the Momoyoga booking screen.

If you need more information on group classes, please continue down the page for locations I teach at, class descriptions and price lists. This timetable is current as at 1 September 2022.


10:00am Private Class Booked

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow in the
Braddon Studio


10:00am Private Class Booked

6:00pm Beginners Yoga Course in the Braddon Studio
Starting: 4 October 2022
Finishing: 6 December 2022


9:30am Yoga at
Club Lime Ladies Only, CISAC

6:00pm Vinyasa Flow in the
Braddon Studio


9:30am Gentle Flow at Change Yoga, Scullin (on break between August and October 2022)

2:30pm Private Class Booked

6:15pm Slow Flow at Change Yoga, Forde

7:30pm Yin at Change Yoga, Forde


Closed for the day


10:30am Slow Flow in the Braddon Studio

4:30pm Restorative at
Change Yoga, Scullin


4:00pm Yang Yin at
Balanced Yoga, Kingston

How Do Group Class Bookings Work?
I use a booking system called Momoyoga. If you click one of the booking buttons above, you will be taken through to this system. Create a client account, add some credit and away you go with click of a button bookings. You also can book through the Momoyoga app by loading it from your app store for iOS or Android and using credits you purchased on the web-based application.

Bookings for classes close one hour before class is due to start.

For Students Attending Online (Not Offered at This Time)
You will need a reliable internet connection and a laptop (or computer) with webcam and microphone. If you can, it’s best to set up in a space away from family and pet distractions, preferably with the laptop on a surface with similar height (e.g. so your posture can be as neutral as possible while sitting) and your mat or chair is positioned within the video camera frame. Sign into Zoom early for class and you’ll have an opportunity to adjust any of your setup. Have any props or prop substitutes near you. For example, pillows, cushions and blankets make great substitutes for bolsters.

Your microphone will be muted when entering into the room, so there is no sudden conversation heard from your end. The camera and mic will be required so we can interact and so I may provide any necessary feedback. You will be given an intro at the start on how the online class will operate before it commences. If you experience any technical difficulties in making a booking or accessing the Zoom room, please email well before your class is due to start. Late entries to the Zoom room are not permitted, especially in hybrid class situations.

Group Class Cap and Covid Safety
Yoga with Sare classes are currently capped at 10 participants for optimal instruction.

Covid Safety measures if you are attending the studio are:

  • Hand sanitiser will be available. Please use it or wash your hands before and after class.
  • Bring your own yoga mat to practice and place it on the marked out space on the studio floor to maintain social distancing.
  • Props are available for use in the studio. You are welcome to bring a workout towel to use as a barrier between the props and your face. Wipes are also available for use on props at the end of class. All other cleaning (such as the shelving unit where bags go) will be done by Sare between and after classes.
  • You are welcome to wear a mask in the studio at any time if this makes you feel comfortable in the small group setting.
  • If you are feeling unwell for any reason or you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, please keep our community safe. Do not come to class and seek health advice from the ACT Covid-19 site.

Please refer to other teaching locations for their specific class caps and Covid Safety Plans. They may differ from my own.

Teaching Locations

Yoga with Sare classes are currently taught out of 62/28 Mort Street in Braddon, hiring the space at Flourish Studio. You can also find me at other locations around Canberra. For further information on other locations, click the relevant button below.

Sunday 4:00pm, Yang Yin

Forde Location:
Thursday 6:15pm, Slow Flow
Thursday 7:30pm, Yin
Scullin Location:
Thursday 9:30am, Gentle
Saturday, 4:30pm Restorative

Wednesday, 9:30am Yoga
We cycle through Vinyasa, Core and Yin class styles each month.

Yoga with Sare Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow
Vinyasa is a style of yoga that brings the body and breath together in a flowing sequence of postures. This is an active style, but you can choose the intensity that feels right for you on any given day. The class has a range of options to suit anyone from a beginner to regular students of yoga.

Explore Flow (Not Offered at Present)
Explore yoga through a workshop style class. Ideal for beginners and class regulars alike, this class will examine posture foundations and equip you with ways to customise yoga to fit your needs. It also includes various breathwork practices, guided relaxations and more.

Yin & Restore (Not Offered at Present)
Dubbed ‘The Long Hold’, Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga are both styles that involve extended duration in one posture, anywhere from 3 minutes up to 10 minutes. Yin is passively challenging while Restorative is passively resting the body. Both allow us to observe our body shift from tension into muscular release and the mind from activity or resistance into rest. This class is a great accessible way to balance out an active lifestyle.

Slow Flow
This Saturday morning class starts off with a joint mobilisation series and moves into a slow moving flow of postures to set you up for the rest of your day.

Beginners Yoga 10 Week Course
The 10 week course is suitable for complete beginners and any regular yoga practitioners looking to review their practice. These classes also help beginners to explore how to customise yoga to their own body’s needs and abilities. Each week, we will explore aspects of Asana (physical practice), Pranayama (breathwork), plus Mindfulness and Meditation practices. To sign up for this course, purchase the matching Class Pass and then apply your credits to the 10 class dates. The next course will be running from Tuesday, 4 October to Tuesday, 6 December 2022 (dates are inclusive).

These descriptions are potentially different to the descriptions you may read at locations I teach for, so please visit their location sites for studio or gym specific details.

Price lists

Studio Classes

  • Casual Pass – $23 per class, per person
  • Group Class 5 Pack – $100 (saving $15)
  • Group Class 10 Pack  – $200 (saving $30)
  • Group Class Unlimited Pass – $35/week (manual renew)
  • Group Class Unlimited Pass – $135/mth (auto renew)
  • Group Class Intro Pass – 3 for $30 (new students only)
  • Beginners Yoga 10 Week Course – $180

Online Classes (Not Offered at Present)

  • Casual Rate – $23 per class, per person
  • Group Class 5 Pack – $100 (saving $15)
  • Group Class Unlimited Pass – $35/week (direct debit)

Each pass and pack have a different expiry time frame. The Intro Pass and Casual Pass are valid for 14 days from purchase. The Group Class 5 Pack is valid for 60 days and the Group Class 10 Pack is valid for 120 days.

The Group Class Unlimited Pass covers both face to face and online options with its direct debit subscription. There are two options for this Membership. You can manually purchase a week for $35 or sign up for an automatic monthly renewal at $135.

Cancellations, No Shows and Refunds Policy

 Cancellations and No Shows
    • You have 24 hours before your booked class to reschedule or cancel your class booking and no fees will apply. There is a reschedule link and a cancel booking link within your booking confirmation email. If you happen to have lost your booking confirmation, please get in touch to action your cancellation or to rebook before the 24 hour timeframe.
    • If your booking is cancelled within the 24 hour timeframe or you do not arrive for class (No Show), a group class cancellation fee of $10 may apply. This will be payable the next time you attend a class.


  • All purchases are non-refundable. Any class credits, less cancellation or no show fees, can be transferred to a new class booking. They cannot be transferred to another person or service that is not a group class.
  • Refunds under exceptional circumstances are at the discretion of Yoga with Sare. They need to be applied for in writing and may be considered on a case by case basis. Refunds are only made to the original payment source. E.g. A payment made by bank card must be refunded to the same bank card – no others will be accepted.